My Values

As a person, I strive to …
Have Good Character 
• Be consistent and never compromise my values and principles
• Be honest with others and myself if I am wrong
• Be courteous, modest, and respectful
• Try to be a positive influence around those around me
Be Good to Others 
• Never underestimate the power of empathy and compassion
• Be aware of other people, understand their differences, accept them for who they are, 
respect their wishes, and appreciate any opportunity to know more about them
Do the Right Thing
• Understand the impact of everything I do
• Wherever possible, choose a path to sustainability
• Make technology inclusive and accessible to everyone
Be Fearless
• Have the courage to be bold, even if it's risky to do so 
• Have the strength to persevere when faced with adversity
Empower My Team
• Foster a culture of collaboration by improving communication with trust and candor
• Focus my attention on multiplying the abilities of my teammates
• Have their backs when they need it, know that they have mine
Bolster Creativity
• Be curious and willing to explore (and tell others what I find!)
• Know that fresh ideas come from hard work and starts with empathy
• Innovation doesn't just create value to the business, but to the end-user as well
Master My Craft
• Be fully dedicated to continuously improve the skills and knowledge associated with my craft
• Have the willingness and ability to adapt in an ever-changing world
• Go above and beyond for those who depend on me
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