Hey there,
I’m Frank
I'm a Digital Product Designer and Design Mentor from San Diego, CA.
With over 20 years of design experience, I have been responsible for the end-to-end design of consumer-facing and digital transformation products that include SAAS, Native Mobile apps, and even Kiosks. 
What I Focus On
All seamless experiences start with the big picture and end with the tiny details. By utilizing a human-centered approach, I deliver a vision and design strategy that bridges the gap between business objectives and people's needs.   
Designing something ’simple’ ain’t easy. It takes hard work, critical thinking, and a willingness to be wrong. I have a knack for solving problems, especially the ones that seem impossible to solve.
Good design is a team sport. A good team promotes candor, mentoring emerging talent, and advocating for change. I strive to be a ‘force multiplier’ that increases my team’s skills, efficiency and camaraderie.
Smooth collaboration with engineers and product managers deliver product impact. I advocate for best practices, ways of working and new techniques that improve the product development process.
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