Medical Records Request Portal
BACTES, a company owned by Sharecare, is an industry leader in online medical record release of information (ROI) requests. They needed to create a portal for their users to pay for their ROI and select how and where the ROI was to be delivered.
Based on the user scenerios given to me by my product manager, I created user stories and a product structure on sticky notes and a whiteboard.

I then sketched wireframes with pen and paper to aligned with the stories and structure and created a user flow which I was able present to the stakeholders.
I then created a detailed wireframe in Balsamiq that could be iterated upon while details could be developed.
After the stakeholders were satisfied with the wireframe, I began to create a hi-fidelity prototype using Sketch and Invision. I also created a design library for future designers to use that adhered to Sharecare's brand guidelines.
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